Frequently Asked Questions

To help make your cruise the most enjoyable possible, we have assembled answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How many passengers are allowed?

    The U.S. Coast Guard regulations limit our capacity to a maximum number of six passengers on our boat, plus our small crew.

  • How long is a trip on SBB Tiki Boat?

    Most of our tours are two hours, from boarding to disembark. Custom tours are available upon request.

  • Do you provide food and drinks?

    SBB Tiki Bar Boat is a BYOF/BYOB boat. We do not provide beverages, alcohol or food. There are beer and seltzer packages available for purchase at Ship Bottom Brewery if you visit prior to departure. Click here for directions to the brewery.
    Hard liquor is not permitted on board; only beer, wine and seltzer.

  • How fast is the tiki boat?

    SBB Tiki Bar Boat cruises at a comfortable 4 to 6 knots.

  • Are life jackets provided?

    Our vessel is fully certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, with all required safety equipment on board. There are life jackets for every passenger and crew member.

  • Where do we board the boat?

    Beach Haven Yacht Club Marina
    20 S West Avenue, Beach Haven NJ 08008

    We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

    Street parking is available near the marina. We recommend taking a taxi or ride share, in case of alcohol consumption during the cruise.

  • Are children permitted?

    No one under the age of 18 is allowed on board.

    No one under 21 is permitted to consume alcohol. Be prepared to provide identification, if requested by the crew.

  • What should we bring?

    Sunscreen, sunglasses and perhaps a hat are very important to help protect from the sun. Bring your mobile phone to play your favorite music and a camera to take pictures of the sites and fun. Of course, don’t forget your favorite beverages and food.

  • Can we swim or fish?

    Passengers are not permitted to jump from the boat or climb into the water. Passenger may only get on and off the boat at the dock once the Captain has cleared passengers for boarding and departure.

    Fishing is not permitted.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Due to the configuration of the boat, and for safety reasons, pets are not permitted on board.

  • Are restrooms available?

    We do have a restroom on board, with a hand washing station.

  • Can I play my music on board?

    Absolutely! SBB Tiki Bar Boat has a state of the art Bluetooth soundbar that you can be connected to any Bluetooth capable phone.

  • Should I tip my Captain?

    Our Captains work for tips and gratuity is greatly appreciated – we suggest a 20% gratuity. They are highly trained, knowledgeable and very experienced, to ensure your safety and provide an amazing Tiki experience!

  • Do you go out in the rain?

    SBB Tiki Bar Boat has a roof and will go out in a mild drizzle as long as all other weather conditions are favorable. The final decision is made solely by the Captain, as he or she has the final responsibility for the safety of the passengers and crew. Please bear in mind, the Captain is trained in reading the weather and particularly wind conditions.

  • What are your weather and cancellation policies?

    Cancellations must be made, and acknowledged by SBB Tiki, at least 48 hours in advance, for a full refund.

    We reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time due to weather, safety or mechanical issues for rain-check or a full refund. For any “behavioral” or alcohol related issues, a refund will not be provided.

    For weather related issues, we may wait for a brief shower to pass, reschedule for another day, or refund if unable to reschedule. Last minute cancellations by the patron and no shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

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